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Hispanics Online in 2008

 Hispanics are one of the fastest growing and most active segments of the online population. They are using technology to enable social connectivity and enhance their cultural identity. In a recent study authored by Dr. Felipe Korzenny, he found that Hispanics, regardless of language preference and age, are more likely to be active on social networking sites than non-Hispanic Whites. Hispanic market growth and technology adoption are converging, making digital communications the next frontier in Hispanic marketing.

Hispanics demonstrated strong ownership in several culturally relevant areas. Given that staying in touch with family is of such high value in the Hispanic culture, ownership of technology which facilitates closeness makes cultural sense.

For example, blogs and websites were highest among Hispanics, as well as cell phones with digital cameras, and digital cameras alone. Satellite radio and TV ownership was also strong among Hispanics likely due to the heritage from ownership of technology for satellite transmissions in Mexico.

According to Dr. Korzenny,  we'll see increased use of technology, particularly the Internet… over indexing in several categories… and this goes for all emerging minorities--- Hispanics are leading in the use of social media, and social media marketing is a great vehicle for incorporating Hispanic sensitive brands in the culture.

Forrester's Social Technographics® profiles reveal that online Hispanics are highly active in their use of social media, and they consistently outpace non-Hispanics in every aspect of engagement. 


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