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Hispanic Facts in Texas

 If you do business in Texas, you may want to advertise to Hispanics, not only in English but in Spanish too. And not only in Spanish; you want to be culturally relevant.

And you want to hire an expert, not just a translator. You want to work with an advertising professional who understands and lives biculturalism.You need a bilingual Creative.

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More than 36 percent of Texas’ citizens are Hispanic, exceeding twice the national percentage, and by 2020 Hispanics could be the majority of Texas’ population.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates Hispanic buying power in the United States will reach $1 trillion by 2011.

In Texas, Hispanic consumers spent about $154 billion in 2007.

Texas ranked second in 2007 among states with the highest Hispanic market share, at 19.8 percent.

Latino women now make up the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs in the United States.

The percentage of the Hispanic-origin population that lives in California or Texas. California is home to 13.2 million Hispanics, and Texas is home to 8.6 million.

Proportion of the population of Starr County, Texas, that was Hispanic as of 2007, which led the nation. In fact, each of the top 10 counties in this category was in Texas.

Counties with the highest number of Hispanic-owned firms were Los Angeles County (188,422); Miami-Dade County (163,187); and Harris County, Texas (61,934).

Percentage of Texas residents 5 and older who speak Spanish at home, which leads all states. (The percentage for Texas is not significantly different from that of New Mexico, however.) This compares with the national average of 12 percent.

The Top 20 Texas companies in the 2008 Hispanic Business Ranking produced revenues of, $3.98 billion and employed 14,617 people in 2007.

Hispanic Market share by state:

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Patricia Daumas is a Creative Director and Copywriter specialized in the US Hispanic market.


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