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Facts About the Hispanic Shopping Behavior  -1-

How Hispanic Shopping Behavior is Different that their Anglo Counterparts

Unlike their Anglo counterparts, Hispanics are in no hurry to get in and get out of a grocery store.
A recent study released by TNS entitled the Hispanic Shopper 360 Study confirmed what most retailers in Hispanic communities already know - for Hispanics, shopping is an experience, not a sport. Unlike their Anglo-counterparts, Hispanics are in no hurry to get in and get out. As a matter of fact, only 16 percent of Hispanics felt speed was important, compared to 39 percent of non-Hispanic shoppers.
For marketers and retailers alike, this is good to know since Hispanics visit their area retailers on average 26 times a month, that's 3 times more often than their general market counterparts!

Some general reasons for this shopping behavior include:
    •    Hispanics tend to shop larger numbers, in other words with family members in tow
    •    Although Hispanic shoppers are much more likely to know which brands of products they are going to buy before shopping, they are also more likely to be influenced by in-store price reductions and in-store ads. In other words, they are actively paying attention to what's happening in the store.
    •    Hispanics frequent stores they find trustworthy. Like all of us, Hispanic shoppers want to feel comfortable and welcome.
A few recommendations for brands:
    •    Make your merchandising efforts matter - to both your consumer and your retailer, help create a welcome and exciting environment through relevant and unique POP that pops!
    •    Use retailtainment events, sampling opportunities & in-store demos to initiate a conversation with Hispanic consumers. Make a personal connection. Give them something to talk about.
And finally, work with your retail partners to come up with new branding opportunities that actually encourage browsing and spending more time at retail. Maybe it's branded benches or tables, childcare areas, lost & found kiosks that double as displays. Be creative. Remember, it's an experience, not a sport.

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