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The Human Insight: Examples of educational and service ads for the Hispanic Community. 

Poster for Allstate Life Insurance.

 Short and simple thoughts about life, creating an intimate relationship with the customer, and at the same time making him aware of the fact that life goes on for your loved ones when you are gone.


What is life?

Life is the color of Sunflowers

It is the first golden star on your school notebook

It is choosing the name of your son

It is a "bolero" (romantic song)

It is your daughter's graduation

It is a question

It is blue

It is your mother dancing at your wedding

It is not what you thought it would be

It is your baby's first steps

It is grandpa's wisdom

It is opening your home to your friends

it is a lullaby

it is the aroma of the morning coffee


It is what will go on when you are not here.


Put your life in good hands: 

Allstate Life Insurance. 


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