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Radio Ad for a Hispanic Business Network


Empowering copy motivating people to be the builders of their future. "Yes, it can be done"

(back translation from the original Spanish ad)


 SFX: Music Down and Under


 I don't want to wait for the future. I want to build it.

Man1 : You can (with echo or in the background)

Man2: ¡Se puede!

 I want to do business with the rest of the world.

 Man1: You can (with echo or in the background)

Man2: ¡Se puede!


 Welcome to Sepuede. An Internet business community that offers your company the most powerful growth tools.

Sepuede: Personalized service and strategic initiatives built especially for the Hispanic Market.

Sepuede: Unique opportunities to do business with the most prominent companies in the Hispanic market and around the world. 

Sepuede: A business weapon loaded with the future.

Because it's you. because it's all of us.

Sepuede. The Hispanic Business Network.

 SFX: Jingle 



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